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Taking a Stand on CBD Oil: The Pros and Cons for Independent Pharmacies

Medical marijuana is a polarizing topic, especially among pharmacists. Still, even the most conservative traditional healthcare professionals are unable to deny the attraction of medical marijuana’s more controlled cousin, Cannabidiol (CBD). From the strict regulation on active ingredients (only .03% THC is permissible under the 2014 Farm Bill section 7606), to the staggering profit margins (40-50%, on average), CBD seems to be the miracle product that could financially offset the diminishing returns on more traditional pharmaceuticals.

Legal Roundup: The Top 5 Legislative Reforms that Will Impact the Future of PBMs

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a new set of laws looking to regulate the practices and goals of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). While for the past decade, much of this legislation has trickled in on a state-by-state basis, Congress took the hint and jumped on the bandwagon in October of 2018, passing the Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act into law.